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11/07/2014, 08:09 PM
I placed an order with blue zoo a few weeks ago and was greatly disappointed as everything was dead within 24 hrs. The list included a ruby dragonette, yellow fin flasher wrasse, 3 sexy shrimp, and a cleaner shrimp.

I got a credit from them for the livestock and attempted an order again.... This time, the shrimp was doa and the dragonette didn't make it through acclimation.... I was also forced to pay for shipping yet again since I don't have a car to get to the FedEx facility (which is the only place they would ship to for free) and also have a young baby keeping me at home... To no avail I couldn't get a comp and had horrible customer service dealing with them. Anyways about the second order. I ordered a 2-3" pink tipped bubble anemone, a maze brain, a pink plate coral, a 1-1.5" flame angel and the two mentioned above.... The anemone is a green bta that is probably 6-7 inches in diameter (not what I ordered), the maze brain is bleaching (which I was told I was wrong for assuming), close to 15 yrs in this hobby doesn't make me an expert but I'm not an idiot... The flame angel is 3 probably 4 inches (again not what I ordered). After contacting customer service I was actually told to catch the angel and get a picture to show its size... Really?! Yes... that seems completely feasible in a reef tank.... I was also told to get a pic of the anemone and told they don't have ones that big. Again apparently I'm imagining things.... The anemone is in the back of my tank in a crevice..... Anyways Im sure they will come on here with some more stupid responses and I don't really care.... The plate coral is supposed to be hot pink but is as brown as mud.... I wasted my hard earned money on stuff that I didn't order....

I don't have a lot of time to log onto here and check forums etc etc but I just wanted to put out a warning and I've been warning everyone who asks and everyone I've seen at my lfs. Don't order from them.... You won't get what you order and their customer service is deplorable!!!!! I had to sit and listen to some guy for over 30 mins give me a script on why they couldn't accommodate me after sending me crap for livestock. They can say they ship thousands of livestock daily but couldn't even get my order correct the second time around.... Even after I received nothing alive from my first order..... Beware.... Don't waste your money on this company.... There is no customer service per say bc that's not what I would call it.... I am going to try to go through my bank and get a refund.... Which I doubt will happen.... It's worth a shot though since no one even cares about the quality of the livestock there and they refuse to listen to the fact that they didn't send me the correct order. I'm so frustrated and now I'm out almost 300 bucks. On a scale of 1-10 this company gets a -10 from me. I just hope people listen to the warnings.

11/10/2014, 10:31 AM
Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for letting us know about the problems you have had. The vast majority of our customers do not experience issues like yours and we take problems seriously. In fact, your order arrived to you on 11/6 and your losses are the only ones reported for that day out of hundreds of orders. We feel that this could be a result of your delivery route. We have made the suggestion in the past that you might want to pick up your order from FedEx directly but we of course understand that you will not be able to because of your current situation.

We will again look at the individual issues you are having with your most recent order resolve them for you as quickly as possible. We do appreciate the business hope we can help you out again at some point.

Take care.