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11/12/2014, 05:40 AM
possibly Sepia bandensis (looks like in the picture)

I saw some at the Ocean Park in Hong Kong here and find them very interesting.

Today I was looking at at least a hundred cattlefish for food at a seafood restaurant. The day temp high water temp here can be about 80-82F. What is the highest temp still OK for them?

Some of them are only about 7-8 inches long excluding tenticles. The biggest ones are about 12 inches long.

They are net caught are in excellent shape and will survive in a tank if packed and shaped well.

First, are they group animals and must be kept in a small group or can they be kept singly?

Second, can they be easily sexed if a pair is wanted. Might they reproduce in a tank?

Third, how big will they get?

Fourth, what does it take to ship one 7-8 in length? Do they bite thru plastic bags, 4 mil thick? Do they have higher or lower oxygen demand as a fish of the same weight? Would they release ink in the shipping bag? If so will the ink harm them?


Any tips will be appreciated.

11/13/2014, 12:32 PM
Can you post picture? Dwarfs only get about 6" + or - 1", so the 12" is not Sepia bandensis.
1. Remember that most cuttles don't live much more than a year or two depending on certain conditions. (except the giants)
2. Some species live alone and only meet with others to breed. (so many different species and different temperaments) Reason it is important for ID
Dwarf eggs and babies are at the wholesalers now, so important to contact local store and special order (they may blow ya off but with a deposit they will know your serious) .
I just picked up 4 eggs last Monday and have 4 little healthy babies now. Last night one started gliding around the tank like a flying saucer.
(my experience they usually don't do much for the first 7 to 10 day except scoot around like their walking)
Also, remember that they are nocturnal and have been trained to feed during the day.