View Full Version : Return pump question.

11/24/2014, 05:50 AM
I'm leaning towards snagging my return pump since the black friday deals are in full force.

Tank setup:

120 gallon
40 gallon Sump
Bean Animal Overflow with 1" bulkheads and 1.5" tubing.

The drop from overflow to sump is about 4.5'. I figure between 900-1200 gph.

What would be a good quiet return pump that I should be looking at? I'm planning on branching off to feed the refugium with the return pump,

I was originally looking at the eheim 5000, some recommended the Sicce Syncra Silent 5.0, and others the Eheim 1262?

All 3 at 5' head are in the 700 gph range. Wondering what pump would be a good choice.

11/24/2014, 09:10 AM
Ordered the Sicce Syncra Silent 4.0. After reading as much on it, talking to Marine Depot, and BRS, pulled the trigger. Fits the GPH I'll be using, and we'll see if it fits the noise level that I want.

11/24/2014, 11:30 AM
Eheim 1262 is last forever however it uses alot of power. Sicce syncra silent is quiet and low power usage (my returned pump is sicce and it has been running for over 2 yrs without a problem). I don't know about eheim 5000 as I don't have it.