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12/10/2014, 09:56 AM
I have an Eshopps 75 HOB skimmer on my 40 gallon. It has a spong filter on the outlet side to rid microbubbles from entering the tank. The only problem is the spong periodicaly clogs up and restricts the outlet flow of the skimmer, altering the water level of the skimmer, and causing it to skim so wet it's just water with the over flow going back into the tank.

Does anyone know of a solution to get the spong to stop clogging up? Should I put a sponge on the inlet side to catch any debris before it reaches the skimmer? I'm going to be goign on vacation for 2 weeks and only have a week or so to prepair my tank. I have someone comming to check on the tank every 4 days or so, but not an experianced saltwater person. I'd like to get the skimmer to work as well as possible for at leat 2 weeks without anything more than emptying the collection cup. My only worry with putting a spong filter on the inlet side of the skimmer would be if it were to clog it would starve my motor and it would burn up. That's alot worse than just clogging the outlet.

I have my tank as automated as I can afford right now because I don't want to overwelme the sitter with instructions. Essensialy just gonna have her check salinity, refill automatic feeder, empty skimmer, dose prime and iodide, and add some oyster feast for the coral. I don't want her trying to clean the filter and possibly using soap orsometing like that.

12/10/2014, 10:27 AM
Just take the filter off.
Its point is to reduce any microbubbles.. moving it to the input would not do that.

If after you take it off and determine you have an unacceptable level of bubbles in the tank then you will need to devise a "bubble trap" of sorts. This could be an external box,etc..

But thats just one of the drawbacks to that HOB skimmer.

12/10/2014, 10:41 AM
You may need to use a coarse sponge. Something like this.