View Full Version : Downgrading lights from current setup to use on a smaller tank.

12/10/2014, 01:45 PM
So long story short, i am downgrading my old 45gallon bowfront to a 20 gallon IM Nuvo aquarium i snagged on black friday. Currently over my 45 i have the 24LED ultra premium kit from rapidled with 2 rapidled 4 diode UV led's in the mixture with it. They are some high powered led's, let me tell you. I keep the whole thing at less than 60% without optics. (about 2 or 3 inches from the water.

I would like to salvage my LED's that are currently on an 8x20 black aluminum heatsink, and buy a vesa mount/arm and put it over the tank as high or low as it needs to be. A nice clean look.

Now for the tricky part, should i leave the fixture alone? Add the 80 degree optics that came with the kit and put it wayyy above the tank? cut about 6-8 inches off the heatsink(which may not look as nice) and use 8 led's for each meanwell driver instead of the 12? Buy a completely different heatsink and use 8 led's?

I am leaning towards just keeping the fixture as is, and putting it high above my 20. Even though the heatsink is almost the entire length of the aquarium.