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12/10/2014, 06:22 PM
So i had as my first reef tank a 125 gal I had some beginner corals (kenya tree,colt,some easy mushrooms etc) and 1 Brown Grogonian.
It was a DSB type setup and things went well for about a year until I had a terrible bout of Aptasia. I tried all kinds of crazy stuff and finally got discouraged. i let the thing go more or less.
But through all this the Brown Grogonian did fine!! It grew and got fat I even fragged it bc it got that big.
So then I regrouped Built a 400 gal tank. I cooked the rock to get rid of the Aptasia and whatever other bad things might be on it. Then i transferred the 4 Brown Grogonain about 2 months after started the new tank.
They all did well for awhile Well enough that purchased an Orange one as well.
Ok so fast forward a little over a year. I have lots of SPS, Zoas, Palys, mushrooms ,Frogspawn, Hammerhead, torch , brain , candy cane and I'm sure I forgot a couple..Lol The point is all are thriving and growing. Except the Brown Grogonian The frags all withered away and died. All I have left is the original that has shrunk from the size of my thumb down to a meer twig size.
The Orange one did pretty well But no growth and now for about the past 2 weeks it has not extended its polyps at all.
So tell me pls what does it take to keep these corals happy?

12/16/2014, 10:35 PM
Your orange gorg sounds like it could be a swiftia exerta. These are tough corals. They need to be fed several time a day. Run your fingers through the coral to make sure there isn't a coating of algae or cyano on its. Make sure its gets good laminar flow. You need to build up a saturation of foods so the coral senses its worth its while to extend the polyps. Rotifers / Reef roids make for good food.

As for the brown gorg - not sure what these are - you should post a pic. It may be that in your older environment there was a lot of food/plankton in the water column and corals thrive on that and its now lacking in a newer/cleaner environment. There is just too many variable at play.

12/29/2014, 01:26 AM
I have had this sun coral for a couple of months now. It has been doing quite well increasing in size about 30-40%. I feed it about 5 times a week with either live white or black worms. This morning, it appears that the skin or membrane that covers the main part of the skeleton is swollen and pulling away. It has never looked like this before. Any ideas would help.

12/29/2014, 03:52 AM
The brown gorgonian was photosynthetic, and the orange was not. (Same with sun coral) Non photosynthetic corals cannot use light, and are therefore harder to keep, as you must feed them almost non-stop.