View Full Version : Silicabuster DI not filling

12/11/2014, 09:04 AM
I tried to find a post related to this, but no luck. On my MaxCap 90 MF, my Silicabuster DI housing is not filling up with water, it only has about an inch on the bottom. My pressure is kind of low, right at the edge of the green during the day, then it goes to 45 to 50 at night.Is this normal? Or should the entire housing fill with water? Thanks.

12/11/2014, 09:11 AM
Does the system still turn off properly? Then it doesn't matter if the housing fills with water or not. Water still goes up through the resin in the cartridge.

If the system does not turn off properly, you will need to "burp" the housing by unscrewing it slightly while water is running through it. Once it's full, you will need to position a "loop" of blue tubing higher than the housing so it will break the siphon the next time it tries to drain out.

The pressure is what it is and is adequate for operation.

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