View Full Version : Triton reactor order 11/29/14

12/17/2014, 10:20 PM
I placed a order last month for a triton reactor. Still havnt got it. I contacted you guys through the website contact page and recieved a reply saying triton was sending it out in the next day or 2--that was a week and a half ago approximately- I never got a tracking number or any other contact--im starting to worry it was lost or something happen- any info would be great

Your Order #100028554 (placed on November 29, 2014)

I sent another message via website contact page a couple days ago- thought Ya might check here also

Thanks for help

12/18/2014, 11:59 AM
We'll be happy to check this out for you. Triton has been a little behind with production and had agreed to drop ship some units for us. We are waiting on tracking information from them. We'll be happy to check again today with them. They are also driving through our town tomorrow are are supposed to be dropping by with more inventory for our warehouse. We'll be in touch either this afternoon or the morning with an update for you.