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12/20/2014, 04:40 PM
Came home from traveling and everything is off. I look at my Alex it's on and all the settings r the same. I look at my eb8 abd Aqua bus and all green lights. Decide to reset it and all green and looks normal. Jumped onto Alex app and turned thjngs on and no response. I then DL new firmware, install it and same thing. I checked to see if the breaker went but no luck there. Email works, probes work , data, graphs no problems. Anything with the switches don't work. I hope it just disn't fail for no reason. That will be a bummer. If anyone experienced anything like this please share. Any tips to get me back on track. Btw it's been set for 2 years so I may have forgot a log of basics.

12/20/2014, 07:09 PM
Green lights are generally a good sign. First verify that the Aquabus cable is connected to the Apex brain and to your EB8. Push it all the way in to make sure it's not ajar. This scenario is unlikely since your Apex is getting power from the Aquabus. Unless of course you are using an AC Adapter for backup power.

If that isn't the issue. Go to you computer and bring up the native Apex web interface (not fusion) via a web browser. Go to configuration/module setup. Check to see if there is a duplicate EB8 in the module list. If there is, you EB8 may have changed addresses. This can happen if you disconnect an Aquabus cable and plug it in to a different port. Check the module list on that page and make sure there is an "OK" next to the Software Version. See picture below If it says "Old" you need to update the EB8 firmware.

In the pull menu on that page, select your EB8 and put a check in the Update Firmware option then select "Save Module Change". See picture below. That will update the EB8 modules firmware. This is only required after Apex firmware updates that impact modules.

If you don't have an extra EB8 and you do have an EB8 listed, then check to make sure the outlets aren't set to "off" instead of Automatic in your outlet status menu.

01/12/2015, 11:00 AM
Were you able to get this fixed?

I have an EB8 issues as well. The light on it does not come on and I can not turn anything on. But it does supply power from USB to the rest of the system.

01/12/2015, 09:17 PM
Yeah I was able to get it fixed. I had a ghost eb8. So as described above I was showing two diff eb8 and so my apex was communicating with the wrong one. What I did was update all my stuff and then deleted the extra eb8 and problem gone. Good luck!

01/12/2015, 10:42 PM
Ok thanks. I dont think thats my issue i checked for that. I did pick up two used EB8's tonight both in good working order.