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12/24/2014, 11:30 PM
My current ato kalk top off pump has broken again- gears stripped in my brs 50ml doser. I'm looking to get another and don't want to purchase my 3rd in 2 years.- im having issues finding the output of the lm3-mpm- I don't need a full liter meter 3 system as I only need the one pump with an adapter for power- the only info I can find seems to say the pump pumps at 200-250 ml - and im not sure is that's to fast. What is the actual output and donyou guys have any input on this?

Are there any online retailers that sell this setup or should I just buy it from you direct

Also I noticed the full ato package system but I don't need that either I already have a 3 float switch system tied to a breakout box and a alex controller

Thanks for any help

01/05/2015, 02:40 PM
Sorry for overlooking your earlier post. The holidays have given us the hiccups.
call our tech line and ask for Jeremy. He will be glad to help you select the most appropriate replacement.