View Full Version : Adding auto flush and Booster pump to maxcap 180

12/26/2014, 08:51 PM
I have a question about adding a auto flush mechanism to my unit.

I have the manual flush, dual 99%rejection piggy back kit on my maxcap 90 unit w/2x sediment ( 5 micron /. 05 micron) 2x carbon ( 2x spectrapure . 05micron) dual 99% rejection membranes, and HC DI & SB. I have soft water ( hetch hetchey) with tds as low as 15 but Avg about 20 and a water pressure of 60 psi after the add on membrane. Not getting anywhere close to the advertised rejection rate even at a 4 to 1 so I'm thinking it's pressure.

I'm looking at boosting the pressure with a full add on Booster kit /pressure switch and auto flush system but am wondering what I need to buy for the auto flush kit. I don't see the flow restrictor w/auto flush switch advertised on your site.

Does this sound logical? More pressure than 60psi should get me the 0 tds I used to have with a standard membrane? Tested on 3x calibrated dual DM meters and a handheld? Fwiw I currently am getting 3tds post membrane from 24 tds incoming water @ 60psi, a little aggravating as I spent as much on this current upgrade to almost buy the unit new.

Main question =
What ML auto flush kit/switch would I buy for the 180gpd kit? What do you include on your 2 to 1 auto flush kit system? Is it for sale independently? I feel I'm more than qualified for the 2 to 1 ratio with my source water especially after the Booster pump add on so I'd like the size auto flush restrictor in ML I should choose for that. .i have a schedule that doesn't really allow me to call you during business hours so I'm in need of an answer some way . I've also left a few emails about the rejection rate over the last month or so.

Appreciate any help I can get in this dept thanks,


01/22/2015, 09:19 PM
When having TDS below 100 it is difficult for membranes to reject the full amount. Typically something is done to the water, or something is in the water like sodium that membranes do not seem to reject well. Can you obtain a total water quality report from your water source?