View Full Version : Uverse modem and linksys problem

12/27/2014, 06:54 PM
Trying to set up an AquaController 3 and having difficulties getting the system to work. Because of the structure of my home (and location of the tank vs the internet connection), I'm having to use a couple of relays (WRE54G & WET54G) to connect the controller to the internet. Hooked directly to the modem (AT&T U-Verse NVG589), the AC3 works just fine. When everything is connected however, the relay pieces and the main modem do not communicate. Is there something simple I'm just overlooking? Or is this really a deeper issue than "plug and play"?

12/27/2014, 07:52 PM
Your problem is the the settings in the modem.
Go to
Firewall>allocation>ip pass thru
This will turn the uverse modem into just a modem at let you use all your internet devices. With another router. I spent hours finding this out. Will be switching from U verse soon as it is a horrible internet service with slow speed and bit shaping of your data.