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12/28/2014, 03:19 PM
www.ReefCurrents.org is updated for 2015, and Early-Bird sales have begun. Click the link & purchase now, because this sale is only for the next 7 days.

Full Pass tickets are now $25 and include 10 FREE raffle tickets! The Full Pass grants you access to the speaker hall, vendor hall, and raffle. This special price is only good for the next week. Last day to buy at this price is January 5th 11:59pm. Afterwards price bumps up to $35 for the Full Pass and NO free tickets. On midnight February 23rd online sales end, and Full Pass tickets are $45 available at the door. Vendor hall will still be $15.

Any tickets are transferable until 6:00pm February 20th.

What: Reef Currents 2015: 3 nationally well known speakers, vendor hall, and raffle.

When: Saturday February 28, 2015

Where: Sheraton North Houston (IAH) as previously but now in the Grand, & Stephen F. Austin Ballrooms, a total of 12,550 sq ft! Click the link for promotional hotel room pricing, & first 18 nights booked get a whole raffle sheet per night booked! That's at least 25 tickets.

Who: Most of last year's vendors, plus many new vendors are in the works. Check site for upcoming update of current vendors.
The booked Speakers are Mark Callahan, Scott Fellman, & Sanjay Joshi. Their topics are posted on the site as available.

See you there! :bounce2:

01/03/2015, 07:30 AM
Just a couple days left for the early bird special!

Kids under 12 are free!

Some of the vendors are...

Red Sea,
Ijam Corals,
Reef Koi,
Gonzo Corals,
The Coral Shop,
Reef Farmers (Steve Tyree's company),
Building an Obsession (acrylic fabricators),
Unlimited Color Corals,
DFW Crew,
Blue Water Tropicals,
Crystal Sea Texas,
High Def Corals


01/07/2015, 12:44 PM
If I can talk my wife into a 8 hour drive I would love to attend.
Wish you all the success one way or another.
Destin, Fl.

01/07/2015, 12:59 PM
If I still lived in/around Houston- I'd be going.

Here's a TX bump for ya though. Go Dallas, Beat the Packers this Sunday!

01/20/2015, 10:08 AM
great Raffle items added daily .

Check out this gem! You can win it at Reef Currents 2015!!

MAX C-130

The compact 130 litres (34 gallons) fully featured REEF-SPEC system

Red Sea’s all-new MAX C-Series coral reef systems combine modern elegant design with fully featured REEF-SPEC® lighting, filtration and circulation systems.
The REEF-SPEC® design supports the needs of the most delicate SPS corals without the necessity for additional equipment, making successful reefkeeping easier than ever before.

The Red Sea MAX C-130 elegant look and performance makes it an ideal choice either as a first reef aquarium or for anyone looking to establish a thriving reef in a limited space.

01/26/2015, 01:55 PM

02/02/2015, 08:39 AM
REEF CURRENTS 2015!!! FEB 28th !

02/06/2015, 05:54 PM
Anyone going from San Antonio I'll buy the Gas in exchange for the ride?

02/08/2015, 01:25 PM
Vendors and raffle pages have been added!

02/08/2015, 01:27 PM
double post

02/13/2015, 04:55 PM
Hey Dennis forgot to get this out to you. Sorry for the short notice all :(

We've extended our promotion for free raffle tickets until tonight at 11:59 pm. Here's the details.

If you buy a Full Pass by tonight 11:59pm, you are entered into a drawing this Sunday for 100 raffle tickets. You do NOT need to be present to win! If your name is drawn, you pick up the raffle tickets when you pick up your wristband on the day of the conference. We are drawing 6 names, so you have a good chance of winning!

All the officially received prizes are shown here:

Currently, the top 4 prizes are:

1. 210 gallon tank with mocha stand & canopy delivered within Houston-area, OR
$1600 store credit at one of Houston's premerie stores. Let's see I'd suggest an Ecotech MP40, a Gyre 150, a couple of high end frags, a few scoly's, a $400 dollar chalice colony....

2. Red Sea C130 MAX (MSRP $1000!)

3. 60 gallon rimless with stand

4. Marineland 60 or 90 not yet announced officially

5. Check the Reef Currents site for many others, including many more coming very soon.

Thanks for looking!

02/21/2015, 08:16 PM
Can't wait guys!!!!

02/23/2015, 12:46 PM

02/24/2015, 10:26 PM
Full Pass price is going up after 11:59pm Wednesday Feb 25th! Event registration link: http://www.reefcurrents.org/event-registration/

Vendor Hall only passes are always $15.
The Full Pass for both the Speaker Hall & Vendor Hall is $35 until Wednesday 11:59pm. Afterwards, they are only available at the door for $45.

Check out the raffle list: we've added some more raffle prizes: several LED fixtures, skimmers, coral frag pack, Tunze, Jeabo, Two Little Fishies...

Three great speakers:
-- Sanjay THE definitive light guru, now using LED's in his main display,
-- Scott Fellman the hilarious rant-master PLUS,
-- Mark Callahan the trouble-shooter, answering YOUR questions face to face in a booth/table pretty much all day

Going to be a blast and looking forward to meeting you all!

Check the ReefCurrents.org site for vendor & raffle details!