View Full Version : 7th Annual Bob Moore Frag Swap

01/08/2015, 04:05 PM
*** The 7th annual Bob Moore Frag Swap ***

In honor of Bob Moore we hold this event every year to carry on the tradition of giving away free coral to all our members, old and new! After last year's amazing success, the 2015 Bob Moore Frag Swap will be held at the same location at the Renton Technical College in Renton, WA on February 21, 2015. This year we will be featuring two speakers, more tables, contests, prizes, raffles, free gift bags, and more free coral! Also, there will be several aquarist clubs from the area attending with their own displays set up so be sure to stop and check those out! Our list of donors is already growing, and we are excited to put on this event for the PSAS membership this coming winter. Finally, there were many comments last year that there should be food at the event. So, this year there will be food available for purchase inside!


Richard Ross

We are proud to announce that Richard Ross from the Steinhart Aquarium will be attending as our keynote speaker!

Please see the below link for the latest donations, sponsors, and vendors!