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01/15/2015, 10:46 AM
Alrite so I've been having this problem for over a month. Tank has been setup for about 4-5 months. Its a 90 gallon, no sump, aquamaxx hob skimmer and 100+lbs of live rock. I run a aquamaxx cone-s HOB skimmer which qorks amazing. Anyways I have one tang in there and am about to take a pair of clowns out of QT.
Now on to the more important stuff. Its pretty heavily stocked with sps frags and a few baseball sized colonies.
The problem is according to my hanna checker my calc is maxed out- 600ppm+.
Dkh is about 8.5 right now and I have been dosing esv alk part every day as the tank eats up about .5dkh per day. However I cannot get the calc to drop and I think it is inhibiting some coral growth. Corals all are healthy, good polyp extension but they do look a little pale, but not bleached. I had a little flatowrm issue so I treated and I did a 30 gallon water change which I thought for sure would bring my levels back in check. It didnt......
So I really don't know how or why my tank isn't using up calcium as everything is growing.
Initially I thought the hanna checker may be defective but I checked a bucket of fresh mixed IO salt and it popped up with 400ppm which is,prolly close. However, I have an API calc kit that contstantly reads 460-480. And that always reads the same so I think the calc is not being used up in general.
Temp is 79-80
PH-7.9-8.3. Lately it has been hangin more near 8.2 around the clock because I have been tryin to raise alk levels.
Magnesium sits around 1360-1380- salifert.
Any ideas would help a lot or if any of you guys have had this problem let me know. My tank before I ran for years with no problems like this and I used equal parts of ESV with no problems whatsoever. I tested once a month. I'm pretty confident once I can get calc back in the 400-440 range I'll be alrite.

Thanks for any help.


01/15/2015, 01:49 PM
I'm not familar with the Hanna cal checkers but I've heard they suc...I've had crazy readings with other test brands Red Sea seems to be solid for me ...are u dosing equal parts of both alk and cal ... They will stabilize in time. Are u getting precipitation if it was me I would just keep dosing equal parts and wait as long as alms stable

01/15/2015, 02:36 PM
0.5 dKH per day corresponds to about 3.6 ppm of calcium, so it might take months for the calcium level to drop without water changes, depending on how are over 600 ppm the calcium level actually is. You could get a second opinion on the tester if you're worried, but I'd just wait.

01/16/2015, 06:18 AM
I hear ya. Like i said everythings growin and i have a lot of sps. As far as the corals getting pale or light, it may have to do with the gfo im running too. Nitrates are 0 and Po4 is like .01 or something. Lets put it this way I dont have a spot of algae. In part because of my tang but my skimmers doin a real good job. I had a couple week bit with red cyano all over the sand and some green/brown hair algae but that has all disappeared within the last month. Not bad for 5 mo old tank.

01/16/2015, 01:30 PM
I have a Hanna Ca and have yet to get it to read below 600ppm. I am told bubbles and anything less than 0 TDS water can throw it way off. But yet you had a good test w/ new SW mix. ???? I would double check the display tank test w another method. Good luck.

01/16/2015, 01:46 PM
I go with Salifert for the alk, cal, mg tests. You have to watch dates. Tests can go out of date and return you bad readings, and if you keep pouring stuff in to satisfy a bonkers test, the situation can get very bad, right down to massive calcifications in pipes, etc. [Mine was a bad alk test.]

01/16/2015, 01:57 PM
Sounds like a bad test to me. If your salt mix is 440 and you're not adding a bunch of calcium how could the tank's calcium level be 600? Anytime I see a test result that shows ALK and calcium are moving in different directions I have to think that something is not right. If you're in doubt, do some big water changes. That solves just about anything.

01/16/2015, 07:52 PM
Its definitely the checker nd from what I'm reading on here I'm just going to return it. Go back to red sea and salifert cal test kits. Dont get me wrong tho the hanna Po4 and alk are awesome. Very accurate and consistent.
However, after a couple tests today even with my API kit my cal was 440 the other day and now on the 400/420 line which makes way more since. Its gotta be the checker.