View Full Version : question regarding ALK and CAL, and apex dosing

01/17/2015, 02:32 PM
Hey everyone I recently bought the soda ash from bulk reef supply and mixed it up as part of the instructions with no problem, but noticed after a week or so I noticed a film starting to develop on the bottom of the container. I am using the left over container from my GFO from BRS which was washed out completely prior to mixing the ALK. Also noticed that it has a strange smell to it as well, is this all normal??

Also today is day 5 where I will be testing my levels to start auto dosing with BRS dosing pumps, I am using a Apex jr. and have 2 outlets available to plug them into. Can anyone walk me through the process on setting the time frame up for dosing CAL and ALK on the apex interface.


01/17/2015, 02:47 PM
What sort of drop in alkalinity and calcium are you getting? Fwiw I would go to the apex neptune forums for that setup.