View Full Version : Need Help With Spectrapure Unit.

01/23/2015, 06:31 AM
I'm trying to troubleshoot a problem or maybe it's not with my unit. It's a newly installed 4 stage 90 gpd unit with manual flush and the new 3 probe TDS meter. 2 day's ago the DI probe was reading 001 which wouldn't bother me any except that it's not even been a month and I'm lucky if I've produced over 50 gallons. Yesterday it went up to 2 ppm but after some fiddling went down to 000. Today it's up to 3 ppm. Why are the readings all over the place? Is it possible that the resin is depleted already? It has always taken forever to drop to 000 but it did, took it 20 min. Now it's basically telling me that it's depleted the resin but I find that impossible and I'm having a hard time determining what direction to go because of the wonky readings. Is the unit defective, probes gone bad or the TDS meter faulty. Any input??

Vinny Kreyling
01/23/2015, 09:58 AM
Initial readings will be higher than readings after a few minutes of run time on an RO unit. It comes from higher TDS on the membrane after shutting off.
Topping off directly from an RO is frowned upon for that reason.
Most use a top off container that holds a fair amount of water and refill when it gets low. Mine is 55 gallons.

02/17/2015, 03:21 PM
If you still need help, our techline is great. Ask for Jeremy- 1-800-685-2783.