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01/31/2015, 12:00 PM
I have a well setup tank that's been up for a couple of months. We made the 4 hour drive to see vivid in person as we loved the website ! The staff was nice but busy. We wanted some suggestions for a couple of eye catching additions as well as some more basic stuff. So after discussing where we were with our system and showing pics of our setup. We ended getting a large 4" (closed maybe 7-8" open) flower pot in green for I think 80.00 and their wysiwyg elegance coral at 130. We also bought torches, several zonanthid colony's, 3 leathers in the 3-4" range, etc, etc, all in all we excitedly spent close to 500 as we wanted to make the trek worth it.
I should have researched in real time what was being recommended...refers.....learn from my mistake! After the flower pot and elegance corals die in 7 and 13 days respectively I reasearched and learned these are not easy or hardy corals. I am disappointed vivids staff knowing we were looking for advice sent us home with these particular corals with low survival rates in established tanks. Takes a lot of fun out of this.

02/14/2015, 05:48 PM
I find that very unusual, I go to Vivid at least once every week or two and When I said I wanted to buy the flower pot, They said It was a bad Idea and they are bound to die. In fact I heard Them tell two different people that They should probably not buy the flower pots because they are so hard to keep Today!

I know they have new employees, so maybe you asked one of the newer guys?? If in doubt next time I would just ask Dave "the owner". I've most of the staff to be very knowledgeable.

Plus I believe they have a 14 day livestock guarantee which I have used previously.

Good luck on your future purchases :-)

03/11/2015, 09:13 AM
Elegance corals (Catalaphyllia) aren't generally regarded as hard to keep. If anything they are relatively easy.

06/10/2015, 10:47 AM
Hello.....it is the first time I went back to this forum. 6 months pass and I have learned a lot. I'm now running 4 tanks successfully and have a new 100 coming next week. I have not been back to vivid since as the $500 lesson wasn't so cool. Tanks are thriving and range from seahorse specific, Caribbean specific to mixed reef. It left me sour enough that I never went back though I am semi local and it's a 90 minute drive. None of the vivid corals except the leathers survived. In fact the leather grew so much I gave them to my LFS. Just saying. Now I know what I want and do not buy indiscriminately. I have learned many at the various shops do not know much about some of their stock so it is incumbent on me/us to make good decisions so it remains fun and the animals survive. I'm stil sour. Vivid never replied to my email which I sent email about the elegance before the week was past and never got a reply- which is why we never returned to their shop. Hope all of you have better experiences........thx

06/10/2015, 10:51 AM
FYI four reef tanks is too much, I am intending to set the new 100 then consolidate the tanks into the mixed reef, seahorse and Caribbean and run only three. ... Not that it matters but this many tanks is a lot of work, and I am extremely meticulous to the point my LFS talks about and comes to see the newest stuff we are playing with. Have water storage systems with salt and to always ready and noting is off...knock on wood...on any system.....much better now. It wasn't a fun start to hobby