View Full Version : 90 gal sps build/setup progression thread

02/01/2015, 02:45 PM
Well, I took almost a decade long hiatus from reefkeeping, and have finally decided to plunge back in. I will be setting up an sps dominant tank over the next few months. Found a descent setup for a pretty good price on the ole CL. Going through everything I picked up this week, seeing what works and what doesn't work, and making a list of what I need to be up and running. So far this is what came with the tank I have purchased:

-90 gal AGA with built in overflow

-A good old Euroreef RS80 skimmer (Will upgrade eventually, but this will get me started)

-2 x 250w MH's with the old magnetic hamilton ballast (will be running Radium's in these, because even after almost a decade, is there anything that comes close?)

-4 x 55w PCs (will probably swap these out for T5's)

-Supreme Mag18 return (undecided wether I'll use it or not)

-plenty of Koralia EVO pumps for in tank circ

-Berlin Sump (12x24x16) (will most likely swap this out for a 40g breeder.

I started on it today. Cleaned the corner seams and re-siliconed them with GE type I, as they were in pretty rough shape. Otherwise, the tank is in great shape.http://i1276.photobucket.com/albums/y465/matt_simpson1/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20150201_133032_zpssfdcuz2u.jpg

Then we moved the tank inside, and stuck it on the stand. Now begins the planning phase. I'll keep this thread updated as much as possible.