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02/20/2015, 02:51 AM
So, I'm pretty sure my female GN Maroon is wacking the mess out of the platinum. Or is it a sickness? The maroon hosts a Green bubble tip anemone. That is Hers!:uzi: He gets close she chases him off. Just look at his tail. The platinums nem passed so he is always swimming not sure what to do.. Other than that he eats fine, swims as good as he can and is totally active. Besides the fact he lays on the ground sometimes almost cuddling my hermits. That was scary the first time I saw that. I was informed that that was natural in perculas? Is that true? The maroon lays motionless in her gbta, basicly the same thing just the hermits only takes it for about a second then moved away :lol: .

02/20/2015, 09:34 AM
How big is the tank? You absolutely should not attemp to house non-paired maroons and ocellaris in a tank smaller than 300 gallons (and there's still a good chance that it doesn't work out). Remove the platinum or the maroon ASAP.