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03/01/2015, 10:14 PM
Since the beginning of the year I posted a calendar on the wall and started a journal of what I have been doing to my tanks. Figured Id take a next step being more diligent to my hobby. Marking down water changes, dosing TE's, light schedules, when I feed pellets or frozen food, pump cleaning..etc Thinking to also log when I frag, measuring to see the progress of my corals or discoveries/problems on how did I do that and the inevitable not to do that again. With in this time Ive also made a sort of legend explaining my short hand on each day. Hopefully, this aiding when I go out of town and a certain somebody takes care of them they can see what needs to be done to not forget or keep an eye out for the not so obvious eye. Key word hope and, not saying any names...haha Thought this could prepare me for my planned adventure to build a tone of frag tanks in near future. Figured you have to be pretty disciplined to not make one slip up. We all know how that ends with our own slacking or when that thing called life take hold.....
Is anybody else doing this or have pet peeves of their own taking it to the next level?

03/04/2015, 11:32 AM
I've never been a note taker, didn't take notes in school. Don't make notes for what I do. I keep a regular schedule on things. I do keep a log of my test results for my water parameters.

If anyone were to watch my tanks for me I'd walk them through what I want done each day and point at things to look for. Probably give them a day by day list of what I want done each day.