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03/03/2015, 07:51 AM
Been a long time since I have had any...but last time I was diving I had three nice gulf dwarfs emerge from the rock as I was unloading it. I am pretty sure they are octopus mercatoris, although they are larger than I am used to usually.

I have them in the system, and am feeding them some small crabs and hermits.

This last year have had a lot of folks ask for them ....so am putting this out before they go to the University of Berkeley.

Richard TBS
www.tbsaltwater.com :spin2::spin2::spin2:

Octopus mercatoris
Octopus mercatoris, the Caribbean dwarf octopus, is a small octopus species native to the Caribbean Sea region of the Atlantic Ocean. Though they are common, Octopus mercatoris are rarely seen. Wikipedia
Scientific name: Octopus mercatoris
Rank: Species
Higher classification: Octopus