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03/07/2015, 03:35 PM
I have a Maxcap 4 stage, 180gpd
I also have the booster pump.

I purchased the unit two years ago...it has been amazing. I have 1200G worth of tanks and this thing has been outstanding.

I have changed the cartridges when needed/regularly. However, I have never had to change the membranes...and I make a TON of water.

Approximately 5 months ago I purchased two new membranes (spectrapure of course) as backups. This morning my wife asked me for the 10th time when was I going to get them out of HER refrigerator. The original membranes were still working fine but I needed to make 100G so I decided to replace the membranes for the first time.

And then things went nuts. While changing the membranes water got into the TDS meter on the right side...so I pulled the batteries immediately and put it in a bag of rice. After replacing the membranes, I ran them in flush for about 5 minutes. I moved the TDS meter on the left side to the right to measure.... I am getting 38 and 28 on the meter on the right side in/out (call them position 3 and 4)

I moved the TDS meter back to the left side and measured... position 1 was its normal 220ish.... position 2 took a while but moved to 0. Moved it back to 3 and 4.......numbers are still 30ish. I changed the DI resin which it didnt need to but tried anyway... no help.

I then put the original membranes back in..... position 2 is moving between 0 and 2 which is what is was before...but position 3 and 4 are still in the teens when I move the meter back over?!?!??

Do you have any ideas what happened? I changed nothing other than the membranes.

Dr Colliebreath
03/08/2015, 01:46 PM
Here are a couple of thoughts, but you probably will have to call Spectrapure.

The new membranes were still wet after being in your refrigerator, right? Drying out would be a problem.

Also, it isn't clear how long you let the new membranes run. I would run water through them for an hour or two and then measure, if you didn't do that initially.

03/08/2015, 04:04 PM
"The new membranes were still wet after being in your refrigerator, right? Drying out would be a problem."

Dr. I am not sure what that means... They were inside of the bags they were shipped in and in the vegetable compartment....

HOWEVER, I have found the problem. Water must have also screwed up the second meter, even though it was giving me numbers... This morning I started again, using the older membranes and the numbers looked good. I then pulled the meter out of the rice (save more than a few cell phones like this) and it also worked well.

I do have a question... What do I do with the "new" membranes.... The others are working and I am not messing with them until needed. Do I put them back in the fridge or do I now need to use them?

03/08/2015, 04:19 PM
Wait a second...DR. Were you answering my question before I asked it???LOL I put the "new" ones back in the refrigerator.

Dr Colliebreath
03/10/2015, 11:58 AM
Make sure the bag they are in is sealed. Slectrapure says membranes can last about six months when stored in a refrigerator but the membrane must stay wet.

Buckeye Hydro
03/22/2015, 10:39 AM
If you are going to store them for an extended time, and they are wet, they need to be preserved. That may be more than you want to mess with, I don't know.


03/23/2015, 09:47 AM
Russ is right. They can stay in there for quite a while. Although don't let them sit too long due to mold. I would say that 2 years would be the max, but it really just depends on what it looks like.

Russ you owe me a forum freebie answer on your thread! ;)


Buckeye Hydro
03/23/2015, 10:09 AM
Crap - I do! My apologies!

03/23/2015, 11:42 AM
It's ok! ;)

03/26/2015, 07:32 PM
Six months or so ago I added a Maxcap to increase the life of my single Super Silica Buster DI system and I have been extremely disappointed. As I understand it Spectrapure suggests changing the Maxcap cartridge when ppm out is 1/2 that of the ppm in. The life of a Maxcap cartridge has been somewhere in the order of 100-150 gallons of R.O. water when done this way. Seems way too short to me.

Now I am wondering if I'd be better off running two Super Silica Buster cartridges rather than one Max Cap and one Super Silica Buster.

The amount of good water produced with the addition of the Maxcap is really pretty small and it seems logical that the two Super Silica Buster cartridges would double the life of a single Silica Buster cartridge I was seeing before. I'm nowhere near that now with the addition of the Maxcap (or I should say 3 Max caps) to a single Super Silica Buster.

I think that Spectrapure suggests that three Maxcap changes will probably be needed before the Silica Buster is exhausted. At this rate I'm definitely not going to see that kind of good water production with the Maxcap installed.

In short what difference in performance should occur with Maxcap/Silica Buster combo vs. 2 Silica Busters?

03/29/2015, 03:54 PM
You have posted this question here and in a new thread. Let's close this one and answer you on the other.

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