View Full Version : Reef Aquarium Society of Charlotte March 21st Meeting with Marc Levenson

03/08/2015, 08:46 PM
March 21st RASOC meeting at Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte (http://www.rmhofcharlotte.org/) with guest speaker Marc Levenson of http://www.melevsreef.com.
Don't miss a chance to check out your local reef club and hear Marc Levenson speak.
Meeting is 2pm to 4pm.
Raffle to follow meeting.

Raffle items include:
Gift Certficate from Nemo's Reef
Typhoon III RO Unit from Air, Water, Ice and Four $25 Gift Certificates
40/45 gallon bowfront tank/stand
Stainless Steel Tongs
Food from Cobalt
Two Part Total Package with Dosers from Bulk Reef Supply
Brightwell Aquatics Regenerat Phor - Regenerates Brightwell Aquatics PhosphatR Phosphate-Adsorption Media
Brightwell Aquatics Organit R - Regenerable Dissolved Organic Material Adsorption Resin for all Marine & Freshwater Aquaria
Brightwell Aquatics Reef Code A - Balanced Calcium & Alkalinity System for All Marine Fish & Reef Aquaria
Brightwell Aquatics Reed Code B - Balanced Calcium & Alkalinity System for All Marine Fish & Reef Aquaria
Cobalt Mysis Flakes
Cobalt Brine Shimp Flakes
CaribSea Purple Up
CaribSea Reef Cal
Instructional Marine Aquarium Guide (DVD)
$50 Gift Certificate from Upscale Aquatics

Addition to the raffle: The Inland Reef is donating Clean Up Crew packs and some frags.

Meeting is open to everyone. Raffle is for paid club members only.
Check out the Reef Aquarium Society of Charlotte at http://www.rasoc.org and on Facebook at http://https:www.facebook.com/groups/608513259168161/

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03/09/2015, 08:47 AM
I can't wait...