View Full Version : ID- Zoa/Paly brown color combo

03/13/2015, 10:15 AM
Allo Zoa folks. When I first started reefing I had a few Zoas. They were nice and all that but tbh i struggled to keep them going properly. Back summer last year had a horrible GHA outbreak that just would not go away no matter what I did and subsequently led to a tank crash. So I lost all but 3 of my Zoa colonies. I have since ripped out and replaced all my rock and such and have started to redo my tank. Everything was going great and starting to re-grow then the pods hit and I lost my favorite Zoas I had left, I called them my Coffee & Creams ( Not sure if they were Palys or Zoas, had chocolate colored disk and short cream colored skirts ).

I have added a Goby/pistol pair to help start hunting pods and have placed all my old and new frags on a rack to keep them away from the pods. With my new setup they have been growing so well I need to start fragging some up, never thought I would be in that position but I aint complaining. Hopefully soon I can put them back on my rockwork.

My ID question is about my lost Coffee&Creams. I was wondering if anyone has seen any Zoa or Palys that fit that coloring scheme and if so what other names should I be looking for? Like I said, those were my favs.. they were so lovely and I would really like to try and find another frag of them.