View Full Version : Just a quick question...

03/17/2015, 09:17 AM
Do you folks ever run lower free shipping thresholds or additional coupons, etc? I see some fish on your site that I would like to order, but they aren't expensive and the shipping costs for the couple of fish is more than I want to pay. I fully understand the costs involved with shipping and I am not begrudging your policies, etc., just curious if it might be beneficial to look for a promotion or something in the near future or just wait around and see if the LFS get the fish in stock any time soon. At any rate, thanks very much!

03/26/2015, 01:41 PM
Thanks for the question and sorry for the slow reply. We have been really busy lately and that means lots of time away from the computer with our hands wet. :)

The simple answer to your question is, no, not really. 140.00 for free shipping is still pretty low in our world and honestly, results in a fairly low margin order. Anything less and we could not make enough money to keep the pumps running. There are discounts codes that get released from time to time but these would lower the cost of the livestock which doesn't sound like it would help you out tremendously.

One thing you can do is out a group order together if you have friends near you that are in the hobby. We do this all the time for people and groups and it seems to work pretty good. Hope that helps a little.