View Full Version : Dying Anemone What should I do?

03/21/2015, 08:16 PM
So I went on vacation for 4 days last week, and just before I left I added about 10lbs of aragonite artificial base rock to my sump, thinking it would be fine since it was artificial.

Anyways I got back and there was an algae bloom, all of my fish had ich, and my PH had dropped to 7.3, calcium was at 300, and KH was at 90.

I did a big water change, and supplemented all buffer and calcium and everything is back to normal. The fish are starting to look healthier too and the ich spots are disappearing.

However, The algae isn't going away and my corals are starting to bleach, and I am worried that my bubble anemone might be dying. I removed it from the tank today, because the tentacles are all shrunken and shriveled up and I don't know if its worth trying to save by putting back in the tank.

I think its still alive, and its pretty small. Should I just toss it or try to put it back in the fuge or something?

I am now running carbon as well incase there is something else thats making the corals bleach.

Everything was so great before I left! Tank is 60Gallons with a 30 gallon sump