View Full Version : Nem Vs. Snail

03/25/2015, 12:06 PM
For the past nine months, my sebae nem has lived seemingly happily in the sand bed of the tank leaning slightly onto a piece of live rock. My pair of clowns enjoy being hosted by the nem and the nem seemed to like the clowns.
Two mornings ago, I woke to find that the nem had almost totally retracted into the sand. This happens form time to time so I did not think much about it.
At lunchtime, I found the nem clearly in distress, shrunken and pulling up out of the sand bed. After some observation I finally noticed a medium sized Nerite snail in the mouth of the nem. I removed the snail and the nem seemed to improve. By evening, the nem was back in the sand. Overnight, however, the nem has moved out of the sand and is now attached to a piece of rock mid-way up the tank. In nine months, this nem has never been attached to rock.
I'd just completed water chemistry and a weekly water change 24 hours before this happened.
I'm wondering, has anyone ever faced anything like this before? Thanks in advance!