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03/26/2015, 08:03 PM
Six months or so ago I added a Maxcap to increase the life of my single Super Silica Buster DI system and I have been extremely disappointed. As I understand it Spectrapure suggests changing the Maxcap cartridge when ppm out is 1/2 that of the ppm in. The life of a Maxcap cartridge has been somewhere in the order of 100-150 gallons of R.O. water when done this way. Seems way too short to me.

Now I am wondering if I'd be better off running two Super Silica Buster cartridges rather than one Max Cap and one Super Silica Buster.

The amount of good water produced with the addition of the Maxcap is really pretty small and it seems logical that the two Super Silica Buster cartridges would double the life of a single Silica Buster cartridge I was seeing before. I'm nowhere near that now with the addition of the Maxcap (or I should say 3 Max caps) to a single Super Silica Buster.

I think that Spectrapure suggests that three Maxcap changes will probably be needed before the Silica Buster is exhausted. At this rate I'm definitely not going to see that kind of good water production with the Maxcap installed.

In short what difference in performance should occur with Maxcap/Silica Buster combo vs. 2 Silica Busters?

03/29/2015, 04:03 PM
Questions and observations:

In 6 months, you have made 100-150 gallons of water using one MaxCap and one Silicabuster, right?

What is the TDS coming out of the membrane?

What is the TDS of your tap water?

have you ever tested the water for CO2? We have a test kit for that.

How many gallons of good water did you produce with only the one SilicaBuster?

How long did it last?

I see you are in Scottsdale.

Could you bring the MaxCap cart in for us to have a look at it here?

Could you bring a COMPLETELY filled bottle of tap water so we could check the CO2 here?

Two SilicaBusters should not normally do better than the MC/SB combo. Something else is going on here.

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