View Full Version : Alternative Skimmer Pump for the CS1

03/30/2015, 08:39 PM
Anyone have any recommendation as to what other skimmer pump would work with the CS1? I have the CS1 in recirculating mode with the PSK1000 and the hum coming from the skimmer is very loud and annoying. Its droning out all the other sound from the room. Its not rattling or have any sign of the shaft wearing out so adding padding under the pump doesnt work. I even tried suspending the skimmer in the water so its not touching anything and its still hums.

Im going to see if turning it back into a regular skimmer (not recirculating) would help with the hum. Anyone know what is the recommended depth to run the skimmer? The website now sells the skimmer in recirc as standard and doesnt say the depth to run the skimmer.

04/09/2015, 11:24 AM
Did you find out anything with recirc vs. non? Water depth can vary from just a few inches so the pump is just submerged to around 9-10" where the output tee opening is just above the water level. If the pump is making that much noise it may have an impeller problem. The PSK-1000s are typically pretty quiet, but that is a subjective term.

06/03/2015, 03:39 AM
I have the skimmer in about 9-10 inches of water. Since posting till now, I might of gotten used to the droning and forgotten about the skimmer.

I havent tried to reconfig the skimmer to a regular non-recirc skimmer just due to sheer laziness. Its skimming fine at the moment so Ive just left the skimmer as is and havent bother to mess with it.