View Full Version : Very High Pressure and 6 TDS

04/10/2015, 10:50 AM

I have one of your 5 stage units and had a sudden outbreak of cyano. I checked the TDS and sure enough I wasn't mindful enough and was getting 25 after the DI. I replaced the DI and sediment filter (because I happened to have one lying around and didn't know the last time it was replaced) and was getting 0 after the DI.

Today (about a week after I changed DI and filter) I went down to make some water and looked at the meter and I was getting 4-6 TDS after the DI. I looked at the pressure meter and it's hitting right at about 100. I turned on the closest bathtub and the pressure went down to 80 which is more normal for our house but the TDS was still reading 5 or 6.

I turned the JG valve on the intake side down until it was reading 75 and let it run for a while but am still getting 5 or 6 after the DI.

Any suggestions or ideas?

04/12/2015, 10:53 PM
Sounds like the DI cartridge is exhausted what color is the resin?

This could be a DI resin or a membrane issue.