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04/12/2015, 08:52 AM
I Bought a brand new water general RD102 6 Stage RODI system a couple weeks ago before finding your company on Reefcentral.I have a private well and the feed water TDS is from 750-900 at 58F. I am running an Aquatec booster pump with 100 psi feed pressure. After the RO I was getting 219 TDS with a 500ml flow restrictor. Changed out the flow restrictor to an 800ml and the after RO went to 156. My product water, the reading after the two DI cartridges, is 100. Is there any way to get to 0 TDS or do I need to scrap this and get a different system altogether?

Thanks in advance for any help as this setup is wearing down my patience!

04/20/2015, 10:22 AM
I am not sure that system is equipped to handle the water conditions that you have. Well water typically requires a system that is manufactured by water purification specialists. Not all RODI companies are really equipped to combat the horrible things that are in our water.

You sure are lucky you found us on reef central. We have been doing this since 1983. We handle water purification problems in many different applications all over the world. So first do you know what parameters of the well water?


Also get a measuring cup and a stop watch. Measure ml/min of good water made, and then ml/min of bad water made.

This will give us a good indication of what the underlying problem is. In the meantime I would try to return the system. I have system that specifically handle water conditions like yours.