View Full Version : New Broadclub Cuttlefish!! questions..!

04/16/2015, 09:41 PM
Hey I thought I'd make my first post here.. I recently picked up a fairly young broadclub cuttlefish (sepia latimanus) from my LFS, hes absolutely amazing!! Anyways I have been feeding him frozen silversides (thawed) of course and ghost shrimp which he seems to also enjoy, there is such little info on keeping this particular cuttle just wondering if someone might have some insite on a few things or any other info that could help..

1. Best type of food
2. Tank Temperature (lowest possible to keep slow metabolism)
3. Any other tips..

further info hes currently in a 55g tank and I will be upgrading tank size if he will outgrow it i am not exactly sure how big a captive bred broadclub gets..

anyways lemme know :)