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04/17/2015, 11:00 PM
Good evening Premium Aquatics,

Since your Online store is closed right now and for the weekend, I just wanted to bring to your attention, that my new Trigger Systems Emerald 34 Sump was delivered damaged by UPS on Friday evening.

When I inspected and opened the box that contained my new Trigger sump, I found extensive damage to the left front corner of the sump bottom flooring. In total, there were five small factures to the corner flooring. After further investigation, I think the cause of the damage, was that the acrylic cover from Section 1 of the sump where the filter sock area is, the acrylic cover was loose during shipment, which caused the acrylic cover to bounce around in transit, thus causing damage to my new sump.

I'm going to also send a few pictures of the damage area of the sump

I'll contact you first thing on Monday morning to have my damaged sump returned to you as will as sending me a replacement sump.

In order to prevent this from happening in the future and prior to shipping out sumps to your customers, all components that could potentially become loose during shipment, those items should be bubble wrapped to prevent damage.

Just to let you know, I also ordered the new Nyos Quantum 160 protein skimmer, which I inspected and everything checked out ok for my Nyos skimmer.

Even though I'm extremely disappointed my Trigger system Emerald Sump arrived damaged, this is the first time any of my orders from Premium Aquatics arrived damaged. I've been ordering from Premium Aquatics for years and this was bound to happen at some point.

Mr. Rose

04/20/2015, 12:37 PM
Mr. Rose -

We're sorry to hear that the sump arrived damaged. We're in the process of getting this taken care of immediately.
UPS will be picking up the damaged unit, so if you could re-box it and set it out for pickup, the claim has already been filed and they'll handle the rest. You should also see an email from Michelle that will outline what happens next.

Again, we're sorry that you experienced this hassle, and we'll make sure that we get you taken care of completely. Thanks for the packing feedback, I've passed it along to the warehouse.
Thanks for being a long time customer, and we appreciate your understanding in the matter.

04/20/2015, 03:02 PM
Hello saamath,

Thanks so much for your excellent customer service and your quick response in resolving my issue regarding my damaged Trigger Systems sump. I have the sump/package ready for UPS to pickup.

Thanks again for your amazing customer service support, which Premium Aquatics is the very best,
Mr. Rose

05/18/2015, 10:11 PM
How did this story end? So considering ordering from them.


06/01/2015, 02:49 PM
I received my replacement Trigger Systems sump within 4 days, which my replacement sump arrived in excellent condition. Premium Aquatics even added a extra layer of protection and placed the original Trigger System packaging into a secondary box. Talk about excellent customer service......Premium Aquatics is the best, which I truly appreciate there level of customer service.

Both my new Trigger Systems Emerald 34 sump and Nyos Quatium 160 skimmer are working like a swiss time piece. The build quality of both of these products are amazing to say the least.

Shelley....Just to let you know, I've been ordering from Premium Aquatics since they have been selling via the Internet, which has been a long time. I even bought my 90 gallon acylic tank from Premium Aquatics, which is still up and running today.

If your on the fence about ordering from Premium Aquatics, have no worries with ordering any product from Premium Aquatics....They take care of there customers.


06/01/2015, 03:33 PM
Good to hear:) Yes they do have great customer service, one should never worry when ordering from them for sure!

06/01/2015, 08:47 PM
So happy to hear! I actually ended up ordering directly from Trigger. It is still out two weeks. Having a custom Emerald one made. I will have to look to Premium Aquatics for more items in the future. So glad that you found it to be a quality sump.

Thanks for the information. I can stop fretting now. :bounce3: