View Full Version : Would recommend Tampa Bay Saltwater to anyone!!!

04/19/2015, 01:01 PM
Got my first Wednesday had to postpone order due to flooring getting delayed, Richard was great with working with me on postponing first shipment due to flooring issues. Ammonia hasn't got above .25, Friday ammonia dropped to 0 and nitrite was almost .25. Sunday morning ammonia between 0 and .25, nitrite was 0, and nitrate was a little above 0. I aquascaped yesterday so that maybe why ammonia levels came back up a little. I have found several fan worms and one orange one, three or four small hermit crabs, small porcelain crab, a decorator crab, two brittle stars, three urchins one the size of a pencil eraser, a pistol shrimp that is about Ĺ inch, and few snails. Have some small coral, some sponges or tunicates of various sizes and colors. I canít wait to get second shipment Iím so impressed with all the life so far.:dance: