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05/12/2015, 07:30 PM
Great news. I received a Photon 24W fixture that was purchased during the Cinco de Mayo sale. The fixture arrived 8 days after being purchase.

Initial Packaging:
The photon fixture came in a cardboard box with no damage to the box. After opening the box, the light fixture was covered with a 1/2 inch peice of syrafoam for additional protection. No damage to any of the foam on the inside.

After removing the 1/2 inch from the top, two sections were revieled. One section was for the light fixture and it was protected with 1/2 inch foam on the bottom and all four sides. The other section was approximately 8 inches x 6 inches. This section contained parts to two adjustable mounting brackets, two adjustable hanging clips, a box containing the remote control and charging cord, instruction manuals for fixture and remote.

The power cord are plugged into the fixture and secured using the threaded nut. I think this is a great improvement over the plug type on the original photon series. Also the power cord is longer than the original, which allows more flexibility when positioning the fixture above the tank. Be sure to secure the power cord to the fixture BEFORE PLUGGING THE POWER SUPPLY INTO THE 120V WALL SOCKET. If you do this in reverse then you get a little flutter in the lights and I am not sure if it is good or bad but I did not like it.
There is a little blue LED light inside of the fixture that can be viewed by looking through the ventilation on the side of the fixture. This just shows that there is power to the fixture.
The remote was not charged out of the box. This was disappointing because if you are like me, I like to start using any new toy when it comes in the mail. I had to plug the remote in for about 15 minutes then pressed the power button and the fixture turned on. The remote screen did not light up for about 3 minutes. This made me a little nervous at first but once the screen came up, it was a relief. The screen on the remote is very helpful in seeing what the channel setting are. The fixture had three channels. The first channel was the whites and reds. The second channel was 20 or so blue LEDS. The last channel was 4 blue LEDS. The low setting on each of the channels is an improvement over the photon series. The low setting has more of a progressive transition rather than a the big difference in the low settings in the original photons.

The remote has a battery level on the screen. The remote is recharged via the micro USB plug on the bottom of the remote.

I used the remote about 20 feet away from the fixture with no problem. I was not about to test going thru a canopy but I do not see there being an issue at all.

The different settings, Sunny, Cloudy, Moon and Custom are the same as the original settings. When one of the settings in choosen then the different percentages for the three channels comes up and can be changed without ever getting up from your chair.

There is no difference in the LEDs from the Photon series but Reefbreeders has really brought a lot to this fixture. The adjustable mounting bracket and wireless remote were the key items that help this fixture shine. The adjustability of the mount bracket is easy to use and set in place. I am very pleased with the new features of the photon W series and excited to get this on my tank.

I hope this review has helping, let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to help

08/14/2015, 10:22 PM
I used this review to make up my mind in buying this fixture... gotta say I love it! I've had it running for 4 hours tonight and just love it. Brilliant colors.