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05/14/2015, 09:38 PM
I'm upgrading my nano tank to a 37 gallon tall and I need to pick a light. The length of the tank is 30" which makes it tough to use T5 and the width of the tank is only 12" and I think halides are better meant for tanks > 12" width. I could use LED's but man are they expensive... I'm pretty stuck on what lighting to use; I'm drifting towards DIY LED's because of the cost and customizability factors. My only concern with using LED's is the hight of my tank. At 22" tall and with the light probably 12"-14" off the water, will they support corals all the way down on the sand bed?

Because I find lighting very important, I'm going to throw a barrage of questions out there that could possibly help other people in my situation!

What type of lighting would best suit this tank?
Are there any specific fixtures that would work well for this tank?
Would DIY LED's be the best route?
How high should the fixture be off the water?

Note: The plan for this tank is to go SPS dominant.

05/15/2015, 07:43 PM
They do have 30" t5 fixtures but, if your trying to get the depth that might not be the best option, there are plenty of diy LED kits out there that have a spread of up to 36". a couple of kessil 360 narrows would be one of the best options.

One thing I would highly recommend, get your posts up to meet the 90/90 rule. You already have the 3 months in, now post another 78 "meaningful" comments and it will open up the selling/trading thread for you. Reason why?
plenty of used kessils for sale by trustyworthy members on here weekly.

I buy used on RC all day. best way to go imo. most members on here know and sell good product and with the added benefit of making systems within reach that otherwise might not be affordable to some of us.

If you still cant find a pair of kessils within your budget maybe try the led multichips from Rapid LED or the Lumias 5.2's from unmentionable but searchable retailers. There is a pair of auroras on the selling thread for sale as we speak from a member, brand new, and $100 off retail.

Another good player in the diy led market is Steves led.

Good Luck with your search and Happy Reefing.