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05/17/2015, 04:47 PM
Picture your 8th grade Science classroom. Now picture this tank in it - all contents came from Richard at TBS!

You would not believe the LIFE on this rock: we got urchins, stars, snails, crabs including lots of porcelain crabs, a couple pistol shrimp, an awesome and thoroughly entertaining mantis shrimp, goby, little cup and other corals that are coming more to life every day, barnacles, a couple big shellfish, anemones, feather dusters, tunicates, a variety of sponges that you wouldn't believe, and a totally cool cryptic creature on the glass that looks like a tiny blob of snail eggs and has 12" tentacles like spider web drifting about. What the heck is that thing?
I have not had time to aquascape in a way I prefer, but I know when I do I will see all sorts of life that has been hidden in the back. My students and I are fascinated every day (more like every hour) by all the new stuff we observe in there!
If you'd like to see more photos and comments about our TBS Package experiences, check out our class tank website: SequoiaReef.weebly.com

TBS customer service is incredible. For me, it consisted of Richard enthusiastically answering dozens of questions for me, working with my third-party grant source, and arranging the shipments to work well with a school schedule. Incredible.
I am so grateful to Richard and TBS for getting my classroom reef off to an amazing and very stable start. My past experience is with so-called live rock shipped damp from Fiji, Tonga, Marshall Islands. I loved watching that rock come to life but now that I have seen truly live rock that has been kept in water I don't think I could ever go back.
My current task is to keep those awesome sponges and filter feeders healthy with plankton.
Sequoia Middle School, Pleasant Hill, CA (SF Bay Area)

05/17/2015, 04:59 PM
I wanted to post pics of the first shipment of just the live rock but my hard drive died and I haven't sifted through the bits of recovered data. Here is one photo. You can see that it is completely covered with "stuff."

05/18/2015, 08:37 AM
You did a great job on your tank...congrats and I hope the kids are into it as much as you are...what a excellent teacher you are!!

this is impressive also....great job on your page!!


Richard TBS
www.tbsaltwater.com :lolspin::lolspin::lolspin:

05/18/2015, 07:44 PM
Agreed. Richard is great. I have been out of the hobby for many years and Richard really made my return a great experience. Just loaded up the tank this weekend.