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05/18/2015, 07:46 AM
Hey all,
Now that I'm off from school for the summer I have some extra time and money since I'm working more now and I'm playing with the idea of setting up an octopus tank for a mimic octopus. I'm in a pretty good position to set-up an ideal octopus tank since I work at a LFS, which puts me in a position to go to a local wholesaler and pick out a mimic octopus at a pretty affordable price as well. I was planning on ordering a custom acrylic tank that I'm going to design to be hopefully escape proof and large enough to house that octo.

I know a little bit about octopus from some light research but I was hoping some octopus "experts" could chime in and direct me to some readings about keeping them and if possible a mimic octopus in specific. I also wanted to get some ideas on making a solid octopus tank that is escape proof.

I've not even drawn up plans or anything so I'm in the very early stages of planning this all out so any ideas that you guys may have are welcome to be suggested.

Lastly, I'm quite handy with building LED light fixtures and I wanted to know if I were to build a custom light rig that would have the option of running only red LEDS while turning the rest of the colors off. My idea behind this is that hopefully with only red LEDs on I could trick the octopus into coming out and being more social. I know most fish can't see the red light spectrum and I was hoping this would apply to octopus as well. I know they can be very secretive creatures and this is my idea of getting the little guy to be more on display.

Thank you in advance, please let me know your ideas.

P.S. please direct me to some heavy reading on keeping mimics, I still haven't fully researched them.

05/22/2015, 04:21 PM
Ive seen someone put fake grass in the inside of the hood. Air will not be able to get traped

05/26/2015, 01:35 PM
We used an aquarium top covered in astroturf and weighted down but we were only keeping the octopuses for a couple of weeks before we released them.

05/31/2015, 03:33 AM
I've kept two wunderpus, which is what I'm assuming you'll obtain. They look similar to mimics but are much more available in the industry. Shoot me a pm and I'll give you some helpful, wunderpus specific care advice.