View Full Version : Fs-livestock and rock, rock bottom prices

05/18/2015, 07:35 PM
Live Rock-1.25 a pound-display quality covered in corraline and will have a lot of coral left on it

Melanarus Wrasse-10
Purple firefish-10

Banded Coral Shrimp-10
Brittle star 7" arms-5

Very large green sps 6" shown in pictures-30
Large pagoda cup-20
13 head trumpet-15
Duncan many heads-15
purple favites-15
cyphaestra green-10
Chalice frags-5
Acro from DD that is recovering from shipping-5
Purple encrusting sps-5
Rock covered in cyphaestria-30
Brain green-5
Hairy green SPS-15

See pics in my other thread. Open to offers and willing to do bulk deals. If you want something call me at 309 532 0231 and we'll find a way to work something out.*