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05/19/2015, 06:03 PM
If you haven't signed up for our local email list because you think you're too far away, think again! Anyone in states bordering Indiana can benefit!

We offer a lot of specials and discounts ONLY through our local email list. For example, many weekends this summer we offer $10 off of any $50 livestock purchase via coupons in emails. Those don't get posted in the forum.

We're also slashing livestock prices for the summer months, so watch the livestock list! Right now we're SLAMMED with livestock! We have awesome fish from all sides of the planet, inverts by the handful - come check out the variety of pistol shrimps, the peacock mantis, the royal tuxedo urchins... We have money cowries, the real gold-ring ones, we have snails so thick we're throwing them into the rock pools, and it's all looking amazing! We have a great selection of shiny SPS colonies bigger than your fist, we've got a rainbow of killer frags including some ReefGen beauties, a ton of great-looking large LPS... Oh, yeah...MANADO LIVEROCK IS BACK - stellar stuff covered in life, and we have some FIJI Rock cooking that you have to see to believe - no ugly base rock here, this stuff has shape and color and character! We're absolutely LOADED and we want you to come see!

Sign up for the email list now to ensure that you get your coupon before the weekend! If you're curious about where we're at, shoot me a PM and I'll get you full directions! We ship[ internationally, so don't worry about your stock making the ride home - we have regulars from Michigan, Kentucky, Illinois, and Ohio who make trips and their stock always arrive live.

The local email list is separate from our national newsletter. You can sign up here:

Premium Aquatics Local News Email (http://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/manage/optin?v=001k6dau0Gb9W_8NRd4MaxxPU3h3AdcyjLO0bRk5dHRiKrjgwy7ZBvHW1eiV4ZJpqHnb6r75C3Ep_sBqWBPCg0Z1QNDJ EqPT4LnqZ0rRZDFFdNzVw854SfYZvq6Bwa1VF7lSc-wZbfOHlRVmwZQANmZ2vsDTcFU6MPyGzWYYi7eHS31cOOntioU7eCoSJMoX1WtwopR3_BFsx8%3D)