View Full Version : Acclimating corals to photon 48

05/22/2015, 08:37 PM
Hey all, proud new father of a like new photon 48! Already in love with the coloration. My question is how to start as far as photo period and intensity. Ive read slowly increasing the photo period by 30- 45 minutes every week, or start at say 10 % on both channels and work up from there. I previously had 4 bulb T5 fixture with ATI bulbs, mixed reef. Any help is appreciatec.


05/26/2015, 02:32 PM
I used to acclimate my corals by setting up my reefbreeders at a low setting and gradually increasing intensity. My only problem is that I am often buying corals and the whole lighting acclimation became a little tedious. So pretty much what I do is that I have my target intensity and schedule and place the corals at the bottom of my tank. Depending on how they do I move them accordingly. Ideally, try to borrow a par meter so you test how much intensity your corals were placed under the T5's so when you make the transition to LED you can try to imitate the same intensity. But if you dont mind doing the lighting acclimation then go ahead. =) Good luck!

BTW.. reefbreeder lighting are awesome!