View Full Version : Replacing a 250w MH lighting setup

05/27/2015, 08:34 AM
I am shopping on the Reef Breeders site to replace an old, failing 250w 12k MH fixture which has been lighting my 36"x18"x21" heavily stocked mixed reef (no SPS) for the last 16 years. I am not in need of more light than I am currently have. I am also running 2 36" blue "stunner" strips for "pop" that the MH does not provide, along with providing a dawn and dusk effect.

The specs say that a Photon 24 is equivalent to a single 250w MH bulb. Or should I go for the 32, which say it is equal to 2 x 250w, for better coverage in the outer edges? I do have corals "wall to wall".

Another question, why is the Photon 24w (29 lbs) so much heavier than the Photon 24 (12 lbs)?

thanks for your help

05/29/2015, 10:57 AM
Hi Randy,

If you have corals end to end, then the 32 would probably be a better fit. You can run the light lower than you would the 24, and actually use less energy than the 24, however the option to add more power would always be there if you want to turn the light up a bit.

The 24-W is not heavier than the regular 24, that is a typo. I updated the website to correct that.