View Full Version : Pressure gauge "dead"

05/29/2015, 07:42 PM
I have the 90 gpd CSPDI unit with recently changed out filters (4 or 5 batches of water ago - roughly 125 gallons of water). I went to make a batch of water last night and the first thing I check everytime is the pressure gauge. It is stuck at 0... regardless of the pressure coming in, it doesn't change (barely cracked to full open on the hose bib).

What would cause this and how to verify if it is truly the gauge or if my ro membrane is completely toast (It has always, and it was reading 78-80 PSI the previous batch of water I made). Water still reads 0 TDS on the display unit, as well as a handheld unit in the make up bucket.


06/08/2015, 03:07 PM

Sometimes the gauges get clogged on the backside. Unscrew the gauge after the water supply is shut down. Stick a pin or needle carefully in the hole to try to break the clogg. If that doesn't work then you will have to get a new gauge.