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06/04/2015, 07:49 PM
Got part 2 all settled in yesterday night... wow am I tired today! but the tank looks awesome! (pictures to follow). All the critters seem to have acclimated well and zoomed off to claim their new holes in the rocks. The part 2 rock was crazy with a ton of filter feeding life on it clams, sponges, and some other big filter feeding growths that we couldn't ID. We were having a hard time deciding which side was "down" since all sides had living things on them lol.

We are watching the water quality closely but there never appeared to be any big ammonia spikes with either part 1 or so far on part 2. Easy cycle!

Airport pickup was a breeze for both parts. No problems whatsoever.

So many extras included, even down to extra shells for the hermits! Well, that is if the decorator urchin that hitchhiked on part 1 doesn't take them all... He is wearing no less than 5 shells right now... pics to follow. I love that little guy he has been super active from the beginning. Those Zoas are cool looking too. I love zoas.

We LOVE the sponges... my husband was like.... we don't even need any corals... we can just order more of these someday!

We are going to be converting to an in-wall 180 in a couple years when we do the basement reno... we are definitely going to need more sand and maybe more rock and critters... look forward to hearing from us again!

We had been reading more of your stories on the web page the last few days while waiting for part 2 due to rock going out... please be safe out there!! Oh and my husband loved the story about fishing while waiting for rocket launches... he is huge into fishing AND space stuff too.

I am going to hang up and figure out how to post pics now!

06/04/2015, 08:19 PM
Mind you this is the 55 GALLON package (with 30 extra pounds sand), in my 90 GALLON tank:


06/04/2015, 08:21 PM



06/04/2015, 08:23 PM



06/07/2015, 11:11 AM
What an excellent job you did on aquascaping your tank....makes me happy to see you so happy!

so I have to go dive with the sharks again......more rock.... LOL

sea ya
Richard TBS
www.tbsaltwater.com :bounce3::bounce3::bounce3:

06/07/2015, 08:15 PM
Confirmed a porcelain crab hitch-hiker today - saw him waving his little fans as the lights were dimming for the evening.... sooo cool!

06/08/2015, 08:17 AM
Nice work! good call on scaling down the package size, I think less is more!

06/08/2015, 02:50 PM
That was my thoughts that I like the slightly more open look and room to grow for corals, I also did have one big 20 pound piece of dried rock from a previous tank that I used, and I did order an extra 30 lbs of sand because I wanted the sand bed to be the recommended thickness. It all worked out perfectly :)