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06/10/2015, 02:49 PM
Hi Reefers!

I am running a nano reef and a lot of my corals are bleaching, after doing some tests, i determined that i have a high nutrient system.

I want to know what to dose to get a lower nutrient system, i don't want to buy a reactor. i do have a hang on filter though

06/10/2015, 03:36 PM
It would help to know a bit more about your system, and the test results. If they are high cause something is out of whack, it's better to fix the prob than cover it up with expensive doses and diff ways work better with diff setups.

Like how big is ur tank, what do you have in it, how do you maintain it, what else do you do, how much do you feed etc etc

06/10/2015, 04:34 PM
It is a 50g two clownfish, a goby, six line wrasse, and some snails. I feed every other day, all i dose is N03PO4X the reason i believe it is high nutrients is because my corals bleach and zoanthids turn brown... It is not a light issue i measures for PAR i am using current USA less, as for equipment an aqua clear filter running carbon and an eshopps protein skimmer

06/10/2015, 04:48 PM
What are the actual test results? Most often, the issue in such cases is too much food for the filtration. What species are the clowns, and what is the actual food volume and type added?

06/10/2015, 05:08 PM
i don't have the results on me right now... but i feed them either pellets, or arctipods by Reef Nutrition.

i feed only once every two days and feed only what the fish can eat.

Do you suggest i dose? or is it a lack of filtration?

06/10/2015, 05:11 PM
Whether the fish eat the food or not isn't critical, since most of what goes in, comes back out. More live rock might help. We would need to know more about the tank to say much.

06/10/2015, 09:07 PM
With organic carbon dosing( NOPOX) it could be nutreints are low or there is too much organic carbon in the water. The NOPOX should lower the NO3 and PO4. How much do you dose>?? What are the NO3 and PO4 levels? ARe yu using gfo as well? What about granulated acivated carbon;any in use? Waht is teh salinity? Alkalinity? Calcium?

06/10/2015, 09:57 PM
Here are my water parameters

Calcium - 400 ppm
Alk - unknown
Salinity - 1.026
Temp - 80F
PH - 8.2
Magneseum - 1250ppm
Phosphate - 0.01
Ammonia - 0.03

The issue i am having is my corals are losing color... Not in the sense of bleaching, but more fading.... like my neon green Favia used to be a bright green now it is a dull green , and all my coral colors became dull.... Any Suggestions?
From what i read, High nutrients means a lot of zooxanthella which makes colors brown.

Let me know thanks

06/11/2015, 03:07 PM
High nutrients can fuel high densities in zooxathellae which are brown and may produce more oxygen than the coral can handle leading to the coral expelling them and consequent bleaching .

On the other hand , nutrient deficiencies can starve zooxanthellae and influence other life functions in the coral itself like internal transport of calcium and carbonate, protein phosphorylation ,etc.
.01ppm PO4 is not high.
Not sure about a 0.03ppm ammonia reading ,could be testing error.
I would test Alk ,though it may be ok given the 1.026 sg . and take a look at NO3,nitrate.

Why do you think you have a high nutrient system, browning zoanthids could be for a number of reasons? NOPOX is essentially vodka and vinegar which is providing organic carbon a useful tool in reducing PO4 and NO3 when combined with good skimming and you are dosing it. If you are dosing too much it could cause issues.