View Full Version : Great customer service from Shaun

06/13/2015, 08:59 AM
I ordered a 2 bulb T5 retrofit kit with 2 80w 72" ATI bulbs. The kit arrive but the bulbs were both broken in half. The packaging looked really solid so I was surprised. Rigid cardboard surrounding bulbs, then wrapped in THICK bubble wrap of about 2" all the way around and then boxed. UPS must have been rough. I sent an email to AquaCave and Shaun replied asking for pics and he'd send another set. I sent pics and another 2 bulbs arrived a few days later. They were packaged the same and when I opened, the bulbs were broken again right in the middle, the same way as before. I sent Shaun pics again and he sent out another shipment right away. These bulbs arrived in tact and would have survived a tank attack. Double the rigid cardboard, peanuts in a small box, bubble wrap around the small box and then in a bigger box.

I was disappointed when two shipments arrived broken but very happy with AquaCave's customer service. Ultimately that is the most important aspect of purchasing for me and I will pay more knowing that the vendor will makes things right. AquaCave will definitely have my business again. Thanks Shaun!