View Full Version : High TDS for first few minutes

06/15/2015, 08:12 AM
Is there an easy way to divert water past the DI chamber when initially turning the water source on for your Premium RO unit? I realized last night that my TDS measured 170 for the first few minutes while I was replacing my DI resin. After letting it run for a bit it measured 8. Is the only way to unscrew the canister every time?

06/15/2015, 08:18 AM
Just insert a "T" fitting inline between the RO section and the DI filter. Off this T, run a line with a ball valve. You can use this line to purge that first gallon or so, or to make great drinking water.

Buckeye Hydro
06/15/2015, 08:50 AM
What you describe is a "DI Bypass." So you send the RO water to a Three-Way Valve that allows you to send the RO water to a drain for a bit when you first turn the system on.

You can find the valve here: http://www.buckeyehydro.com/3-way-valve/?page_context=category&faceted_search=0