View Full Version : Coral selling license?

06/25/2015, 06:30 PM
I apologize if this is not the proper part of the forum to ask this question, I'm going mostly by the surrounding threads to determine where this belongs.

Before I begin my question, let me start off by saying I am technically not that aware of proper selling or, in other words, have any experience or knowledge of being a business man besides being a customer, (I'm underaged as well and still considered a minor.)

Anyway, my primary question here, is (in and outside the state of Pennsylvania, US), do I need a permit, or a license inorder to ship or sell live coral? Do I have to be of a specific age group inorder to do so?

I know I won't get barked at if I sell say, a xenia frag or two through craigslist and do a harmless little trade.. however in the interest of selling and shipping live coral online (as a hobbyist) I have no clue if I can legally sell a single thing in the hobby through shipping or listing on various sites (Selling/Trading threads, Ebay, Craigslist etc etc.)

Of course, I would like to be educated a little more before I jump into the big plans like these, however it's something I'm been looking into doing for the longest time, (and the fact xenias are taking over a bit.. I'm not cutting down a 2 foot mat of xenias when my petco is selling a dime sized frag for 30 dollars...)

Notable things I'm aware of, is the fact I cannot sell on ebay or such sites until age 18 anyway, so it's not something I'm going to be trying tomorrow if I hear all positive oks, and if so, I would consult plans with a guardian for handling those sort of things, since technicaly, all I have to do in the trade is bag, grow, and provide info on the species.. which wouldn't be too different from say, an LFS owner having an employee sell something.

However, I cannot seem to find information online or anywhere that specifically answers all my concerns, and I don't want to jump into trouble if I cannot sell frags now, and even if so, would like to know for future reference what percisely I'd need, and would appreciate any helpful tips or advice!

Thank you all in advance for your time!