View Full Version : RO Membrane issues

06/26/2015, 09:23 AM
Im experiencing some issues what my RO membrane depleting rather quickly. It beings with a 97-98% rejection, but after 200 gallons it runs at 94-95% rejection. This has happen twice now to two different membrane. Any suggestions on what might be the cause of this?

CSPDI 2:1 Automatic Flush 90-GPD RO/DI System - CSPDI-90-AF
TDS: 158/007/000
Alk: 8.4
PH: 8.4
PSI: Dead center in the green section
Waste/Product Ratio: 900ml/300ml

06/26/2015, 12:27 PM

Do we have the float automated, or do we use the system by making large batches of water at once? Also it sounds like you need a whole-house carbon filter, or even better would be a tank. We need to make sure that the auto-flush is performing correctly. Can we talk on the phone to figure out what is going on?